November 29


Why Do You Have to Wear Bowling Shoes

By Teddy

November 29, 2022

We’ve all been there. You’re at the bowling alley, ready to knock down some pins and have a good time. But then they tell you that you need to rent shoes. It’s a bummer, right? But have you ever stopped to wonder why you need to wear special shoes to bowl? Let’s take a quick look at the science behind it.

Why you need bowling shoes

The first reason you need to wear bowling shoes is that they are designed for the unique surface of a bowling lane. The lane is actually made up of two different materials – the approach area where you start your swing, and the main lane itself. The approach is typically made of slick, highly polished wood, while the main lane is coated with a heavy layer of oil. This oil helps keep the lanes from drying out and cracking, but it also makes them very slippery. walk on them in your regular street shoes, you would probably slip and fall. Even if you didn’t fall, you would quickly ruin your shoes. 

The specialized bowling shoes have a leather sole on the bottom that is treated with a chemical compound that gives it just enough traction to grip the approaches but also slides easily on the oiled lanes. This compound also helps protect the Approach from wear and tear caused by bowlers sliding their feet as they release their ball. 

The quick answer to why you need bowling shoes

  • They protect the bowling lanes from being damaged
  • They allow you to slide
  • They provide an excellent grip for the surface

What would happen if you didn’t wear bowling shoes

If you didn’t wear bowling shoes at the bowling alley, you would likely slip and fall on the slick surface of the lanes, potentially injuring yourself or damaging the lanes. Additionally, without specialized shoes designed for gripping and sliding on the oiled surfaces, it would be much more difficult to bowl effectively or enjoy the experience of bowling. Ultimately, wearing bowling shoes is essential for your safety and the longevity of the lanes themselves. So the next time you head to the bowling alley, be sure to bring your special shoes!

The reason you bowling alleys don’t let you wear normal shoes

Ask you know from this post already normal shoes would cause you to fall and hurt yourself or damage the bowling lanes, which is why bowling alleys require you to wear special shoes designed specifically for bowling. They do this to protect themselves legally, their bowling alley, and most importantly you.

So there you have it, the next time you’re at the bowling alley and grumbling about having to wear those god-awful shoes, just remember that they’re actually doing you a favor by helping you bowl better and keeping you from taking a header into the gutter. 

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