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When You Should Put on Golf Shoes (Proper Golf Etiquette)

By Teddy

November 19, 2022

Putting on your golf shoes is an unclear aspect of golf etiquette that beginners tend to be confused by. So we are here to help out and provide a clear understanding of when you should and should not put on your golf shoes.

It depends on the course

When it comes to putting on your golf shoes it really depends more on the situation then a rule of thumb. So lets run through different situations and when you should put on golf shoes:

High End Courses & Private Country Clubs

If you are playing at a high-end course or a buddy has invited you to play at their private country club you might be worried you are going to accidently break golf etiquette. We got you covered! I have found that many high-end courses have facilities that you can use to change in, like a locker room area. This allows you to store your street shoes and streetwear while you golf, so you don’t have to put on your golf shoes on in the parking lot.

Public Golf Courses

Most public golf courses have less facilities since they are focused and providing a golfing experience that is accessible to the general public. The same rule for high-end courses applies here, if there are facilities like a locker room then you should use them and put on golf shoes inside. If not, it is perfectly fine to put them on in the parking lot or anywhere else around the course as long as you aren’t putting them on at the tee box.

I have found that golf etiquette at most public golf courses is flexible since they are focused more on providing a golf experience to everyone.

Public Driving Ranges

The rules are especially flexible when it comes to public driving ranges. I have found that putting on golf shoes at a public driving range is completely acceptable. Many people don’t even put them on in the parking lot but do so on the range. Personally, I put my golf shoes on in the parking lot since having your feet out in public just is kind of gross.

When You Can Put On Your Golf Shoes

A quick summary is it depends most courses aren’t going to care if you put your shoes on in the parking lot but if they have facilities you should probably use those if it is something you are worried about.

Why Some Golf Courses Don’t Like You Putting Golf Shoes On In The Parking Lot

There are a few reasons why some golf courses would prefer that you put your golf shoes on at the club house or around the course. The first reason is that they don’t want to have muddy footprints all over their parking lot (who does). Most of the time people will slap their shoes together to get the mud or dirt of which makes their parking lot look dirter and takes time and effort to clean.

Another reason is that it can be kind of unsanitary, especially if there are a lot of people putting on their shoes at the same time. Finally, some golf courses may want to maintain a certain level of decorum or professionalism and feel that having people putting on their shoes in the parking lot is an unprofessional or messy gesture.

While there are certainly some golf courses that don’t like it when you put your golf shoes on in the parking lot, there are also many that are fine with it or even encourage it. Ultimately, how you choose to put on your golf shoes is up to you and depends on a number of factors including what kind of course you are playing at, what type of etiquette they have, and your own personal preferences. Regardless, it is important to be respectful of the rules and etiquette at any golf course you play at, whether that means changing in a locker room or putting on your shoes in the parking lot.

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