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What Are Spikeless Golf Shoes

By Teddy

November 18, 2022

You’re out on the golf course, about to tee off, when you notice your playing partner is wearing a pair of shoes you’ve never seen before. “What kind of shoes are those?” you ask. They replies, “Spikeless golf shoes.” Intrigued, you ask them to tell you more about these strange new shoes. Here’s what they say. 

What are Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Metal spikes have been the standard for golf shoes for many years now but spikeless golf shoes are quickly becoming more popular. As the name suggests, spikeless golf shoes don’t have metal spikes on the bottom. Instead, they have rubber nubs or other types of traction-enhancing material. This allows you to walk on the grass without fear of slipping or leaving marks. It also means that your shoes will be much easier to clean since there’s no dirt or grass that can get caught in the spikes. And if you do happen to get a gash in your hand from a stray swing, don’t worry – spikeless golf shoes won’t cause nearly as much damage as traditional metal spikes will.

Why Make the Switch?

There are many reasons why you might want to consider making the switch to spikeless golf shoes. First, they’re more comfortable than traditional metal spikes. This is because spikeless golf shoes evenly distribute your weight across the entire sole of your foot instead of concentrating it on just a few small points. Second, they’re more affordable than traditional metal spikes. This is because you don’t have to replace them nearly as often – usually every 2-3 years instead of every season. And third, they’re better for the environment since there’s no need to constantly mine new metals for the spikes. So, if you’re looking for a more comfortable, affordable, and eco-friendly option, then spikeless golf shoes might be right for you.

Do Pros Wear Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Many professional golfers are choosing to wear spikeless golf shoes on the course, and for good reason. They provide a higher level of comfort and stability for long days on the course. That is why Jon Rahm wore spikeless golf shoes and so did Jordan Spieth at Augusta National in 2021.

Some people find they’re also easier to clean, so you can keep your feet looking great even after a long day playing in the dirt and grass. Finally, they’re often more affordable than traditional metal spikes, so they’re a great option for players on a budget. So, if you want to stay comfortable and stylish out on the golf course, then it might be worth considering trying out some spikeless golf shoes yourself.

Can you Wear Spikeless Golf Shoes in the Rain?

In general, spikeless golf shoes made from waterproof materials like rubber or synthetic leather will work well for rainy conditions. And if you want to be extra sure, you can always spray your shoes with a water-repellent spray before heading out on the course. But even if your spikeless golf shoes are not designed specifically for wet weather, they will still likely provide more traction and comfort than traditional metal spikes in wet conditions.

Can You Wear Spikeless Golf Shoes on Pavement?

If your golf course has paved pathways, then you can certainly wear spikeless golf shoes on pavement. In fact, many players prefer the extra traction and comfort they get from spikeless golf shoes while walking around on paved surfaces. So, if you’re going to be walking a lot during your round, it definitely makes sense to opt for a pair of spikeless golf shoes.

Are Spikeless Golf Shoes Suitable for All Courses?

Whether or not you can wear spikeless golf shoes on a given course depends mainly on the type of grass used on the fairways and greens. If there’s fine fescue or other types of grass that are prone to being ripped up by metal spikes, then it’s probably best to stick with your traditional metal spikes on that course. But if the grass is thick and durable enough to handle spikeless golf shoes, then you should be good to go.

Are Spikeless Golf Shoes Good for Walking?

Spikeless golf shoes are great for walking because they have a more even distribution of weight compared to metal spikes. This reduces pressure on your feet and makes it easier to walk long distances without getting tired or sore. So, if you’re going to be walking a lot during your round, then they can definitely help make the experience more enjoyable.

Can You Wear Spikeless Golf Shoes for Everyday Use?

While spikeless golf shoes are better than spike shoes, they are not ideal for everyday use. If you are looking for walking shoes off the course, then it is better to use normal sneaker since it provides better support.


So there you have it: everything you need to know about spikeless golf shoes. These innovative new shoes offer all the benefits of traditional spiked golf shoes without any of the drawbacks. So next time you hit the links, ditch the spikes and give spikeless golf shoes a try.

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