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The Science of Soft Spike Golf Shoes: Why You Need a Better Shoe

By Teddy

November 18, 2022

You may think that all golf shoes are created equal. But in reality, there is a big difference between a regular golf shoe and a softspike golf shoe. In this blog post, we’ll explain what softspikes are, how they differ from regular golf shoes, and why you need them to up your game.

What are Soft Spike Golf Shoes?

Soft Spike Golf Shoes are special spikes that are designed to give you more traction and stability when you swing. They are made of a softer material than regular spikes, which helps to absorb shock and reduce the risk of injury. In addition, softspikes provide more grip on the turf, making it easier to keep your balance during your swing.

Benefits of Soft Spike Golf Shoes

If you’re serious about your game, then you need soft spikes. Here’s why:

Improved Traction

Soft Spikes provide better grip on the turf, which leads to improved traction and stability. This is especially important when swinging on uneven or wet terrain. With better traction, you’ll be able to maintain your balance and create a more consistent swing. 

Reduced Impact

Softspikes help to absorb impact, reducing the risk of injury to your feet, ankles, and legs. If you’ve ever played in spikeless golf shoes, then you know how important it is to have some cushioning in your shoes. With soft spikes, you’ll get the benefits of both cushioning and traction. 

Enhanced Performance

When you have better traction and stability, you’ll be able to perform at your best. Softspikes will help you make cleaner contact with the ball and generate more power through impact. If you want to take your game to the next level, then invest in a pair of soft spike golf shoes.

Better Turf Contact

One of the main benefits of wearing these types of shoes is that they provide better contact with the turf thanks to their flexible soles and smaller spikes. This gives you more control over your swing and helps improve your balance. 

Increased Comfort

As we mentioned before, soft spikes are more comfortable than traditional metal ones because they’re not as sharp. In addition, many brands now use breathable synthetic materials in their construction that help keep your feet cool and dry even when it’s hot out. 

Less Damage to Courses

One final benefit of these types of shoes is that they cause less damage to greens thanks to their softer construction. If you frequently play on private courses or sensitive public ones, it’s important to consider this before choosing which type of shoe to wear. 

Drawbacks of Soft Spikes 

While many advantages come with playing in soft-spiked shoes, there are also a few drawbacks worth mentioning, such as: 

They Don’t Last as Long

One downside of these shoes is that they don’t usually last as long as traditional spiked ones due to their softer construction. However, many brands now offer warranties that cover some or all damages caused by normal wear and tear—so be sure to read the fine print before making your purchase! 

They Can Be Slippery on Hazardous Terrain

Another potential downside is that since soft spikes have a large surface area in contact with the ground, they can be more slippery than metal ones—especially on icy surfaces. This can lead to slip hazards during your swing or when walking on hazardous terrain—so always use caution!


All things considered, soft spike golf shoes are a great choice for any golfer—whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro. They offer several benefits that can help improve your game while also being more comfortable than traditional spiked shoes. Just make sure you understand their potential drawbacks before making your purchase so you can choose the right shoe for your needs! Thanks for reading! 

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