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How to Regrip Basketball Shoes

By Teddy

June 1, 2023

Basketball is a fast-paced sport that requires quick movements, sudden stops, and sharp turns. To excel on the court, players rely heavily on the grip provided by their basketball shoes. Over time, the traction pattern on the outsole of basketball shoes can wear out, leading to a loss of grip and increased risk of slipping or sliding. However, there’s a simple solution to restore the grip and extend the life of your basketball shoes—regripping. In this article, we will explore the importance of grip in basketball shoes, signs that indicate the need to regrip, steps to regrip basketball shoes, different types of grip materials, and tips for maintaining grip on your basketball shoes.

Importance of Grip in Basketball Shoes

Impact on Performance

The grip on basketball shoes plays a crucial role in a player’s performance on the court. It allows them to make quick cuts, change directions, and maintain stability during explosive movements. A good grip enables players to maintain control over their movements, enhance their agility, and execute precise maneuvers such as crossovers and spin moves. With proper grip, players can confidently drive to the basket, defend effectively, and outmaneuver their opponents.

Preventing Slippage and Injuries

In addition to performance benefits, grip is essential for preventing slippage and injuries. A worn-out or ineffective grip can cause players to lose their footing, resulting in slips, slides, or even falls. This not only hampers performance but also increases the risk of ankle sprains, knee injuries, and other accidents on the court. By regripping basketball shoes, players can ensure optimal traction, reduce the likelihood of slippage, and minimize the chance of getting injured during intense gameplay.

Signs That Indicate the Need to Regrip Basketball Shoes

To determine whether your basketball shoes require regripping, look out for the following signs:

Worn Out Traction Pattern

Inspect the outsole of your basketball shoes for signs of a worn-out traction pattern. If the grooves have become shallow or almost non-existent, it’s an indication that the grip is compromised. A smooth outsole lacking a defined traction pattern will not provide the necessary grip on the court, diminishing your ability to perform at your best.

Reduced Grip on the Court

If you find yourself slipping or sliding more frequently than usual during basketball sessions, it’s a clear indication that your shoes need regripping. A noticeable decrease in traction on the court can hinder your movements and compromise your overall performance. It’s important to address this issue promptly to maintain optimal grip and avoid any potential injuries.

Steps to Regrip Basketball Shoes

Regripping basketball shoes is a straightforward process that you can do yourself. Here are the steps involved:

Clean the Outsole

Start by cleaning the outsole of your basketball shoes. Remove any dirt, dust, or debris that may be stuck in the grooves of the traction pattern. Use a soft brush or toothbrush to gently scrub the outsole with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and allow the shoes to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

Remove the Old Grip

If your basketball shoes have remnants of the old grip material, carefully remove it using a scraper or a similar tool. Take your time to ensure that all traces of the old grip are removed, allowing for a smooth and clean surface to apply the new grip material.

Apply New Grip Material

There are several options available for regripping basketball shoes. You can choose from adhesive tapes, liquid grips, or replacement soles. Adhesive tapes are easy to apply and provide instant grip enhancement. Cut the tape to fit the desired area of the outsole and firmly press it down, ensuring a secure bond. Liquid grips involve applying a specialized liquid solution to the outsole, which dries to form a grippy layer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper application. Replacement soles are an option for more extensive regripping needs. These pre-made soles with new traction patterns can be glued onto the existing outsole for a complete grip makeover.

Types of Grip Materials for Basketball Shoes

When it comes to regripping basketball shoes, you have a few options for grip materials:

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes are popular for their convenience and ease of use. They are available in various thicknesses and textures, allowing you to choose the one that suits your playing style. Adhesive tapes provide an instant grip boost and can be easily removed and replaced when needed.

Liquid Grips

Liquid grips come in the form of specialized solutions that can be applied to the outsole of basketball shoes. They create a grippy layer once dried, enhancing traction on the court. Liquid grips offer a more customized fit as they conform to the shape of the outsole.

Replacement Soles

For extensive regripping needs or severely worn-out traction patterns, replacement soles are a viable option. These pre-made soles feature new grip patterns and can be glued onto the existing outsole. Replacement soles provide a comprehensive solution for restoring grip and prolonging the life of your basketball shoes.

Maintaining Grip on Basketball Shoes

To ensure long-lasting grip on your basketball shoes, follow these maintenance tips:

Regular Cleaning

Regularly clean the outsole of your basketball shoes to remove dirt, dust, and debris. This will prevent the accumulation of substances that can hinder grip performance. Use a soft brush or toothbrush to scrub the outsole gently and maintain the integrity of the traction pattern.

Proper Storage

Store your basketball shoes in a cool, dry place to prevent any damage to the grip. Excessive heat or moisture can degrade the grip materials over time, reducing their effectiveness. Keep your shoes away from direct sunlight and avoid storing them in damp environments.

Check for Wear and Tear

Periodically inspect your basketball shoes for signs of wear and tear, particularly on the outsole. If you notice any significant damage or loss of grip, consider regripping as necessary. Being proactive about maintaining the grip will ensure that your basketball shoes perform optimally and provide the necessary traction during gameplay.


Grip is a crucial element of basketball shoes that directly impacts a player’s performance and safety on the court. Over time, the traction pattern on basketball shoes can wear out, leading to a loss of grip and increased risk of injuries. By regripping basketball shoes, players can restore the grip, enhance their performance, and reduce the chances of slips or falls. With simple steps and various grip material options available, regripping your basketball shoes is an accessible and effective solution.


  1. Can I regrip basketball shoes myself?
    • Yes, regripping basketball shoes is a task that can be done by yourself. Just follow the steps outlined in this article to regrip your shoes effectively.
  2. How often should I regrip my basketball shoes?
    • The frequency of regripping depends on various factors such as the frequency of use, playing surface, and personal preference. As a general guideline, consider regripping your basketball shoes when the traction pattern shows significant signs of wear or when you experience a noticeable decrease in grip.
  3. What type of grip material is the most durable?
    • The durability of grip materials can vary. Adhesive tapes and replacement soles tend to be more durable compared to liquid grips. However, the durability also depends on individual usage and playing conditions.
  4. Are there any specific cleaning products I should use for basketball shoes?
    • It’s recommended to use mild soap and water for cleaning the outsole of your basketball shoes. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could damage the grip materials.
  5. Can I use grip-enhancing sprays instead of regripping?
    • While grip-enhancing sprays can provide temporary grip enhancement, they are not a substitute for regripping. For a more long-lasting and effective solution, regripping your basketball shoes with appropriate materials is recommended.
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