November 19


How to Protect White Leather Golf Shoes

By Teddy

November 19, 2022

There’s nothing quite like a brand-new pair of white leather golf shoes. They’re so pristine, so pure…until you take your first swing. Then, all of a sudden, they’re not so clean anymore. In fact, they’re muddy, grassy, and generally looking worse for wear. And that’s a problem, because looking good on the golf course can give you a psychological edge over your opponents. But don’t worry—we’re here to help. Here’s how to keep your white leather golf shoes looking amazing all day long.

Start with a fresh Pair of shoes 

If you want your shoes to look good all day long, you need to start with a fresh pair. That means no scuffs, no dirt, and no stains. If your shoes are already dirty or damaged, it’ll be much harder to keep them looking good during a round of golf. So before you head to the course, make sure your shoes are in tip-top shape. 

Use Shoe Protectant Spray 

Once you’ve got your shoes looking clean and new, it’s time to use some shoe protectant spray. This will create an invisible barrier on your shoes that will repel water, dirt, and other substances that could damage or discolor the leather. We recommend spraying your shoes with protectant before each round of golf—that way, you’ll be sure they’re always well-protected. 

Keep Them Stored Properly 

When you’re not wearing your white leather golf shoes, it’s important to store them properly. That means keeping them in a cool, dry place where they won’t be exposed to extreme temperatures or excessive moisture. A closet or dresser drawer is typically a good spot to store your shoes when they’re not in use. And if you live in an area with high humidity levels, we recommend using shoe trees to help absorb any excess moisture and keep your shoes looking their best. 

Waterproof Them

If you’re a player who spends a lot of time walking around on wet grass, it’s important to waterproof your golf shoes. Doing so will help prevent mold growth and water damage. You can buy waterproofing spray at just about any golf retailer, or you can have your shoes professionally waxed. Either way, keeping your shoes protected from the elements will go a long way toward keeping them looking great.

Regularly Clean Them

No matter how careful you are, your shoes are bound to get dirty at some point. That’s just a fact of life. So when that happens, make sure you give them a good cleaning before the next round of golf. We recommend using a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. Avoid harsh chemicals or scrubbing too hard—these things can damage the leather. 

By following these simple tips, you can keep your white leather golf shoes looking new all season long—no matter how bad your game might be. So go out there and enjoy the sunny weather—your feet will thank you for it!

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