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2 Techniques on How to Dry Shoes in the Dryer

By WPXwordpress

October 6, 2022

If you’re like me, everytime you wear your nice shoes it rains. My friends and I had an ongoing joke that we could tell the weather based on if any of us were wearing Jordan’s. So we quickly developed multiple techniques to dry our shoes without damaging them and making sure they stay crisp. I’m here to share with you today exactly the techniques I use to dry my shoes off that I’ve learned from trial and error.

So read on if you don’t want to make some of the classic mistakes I’ve made.

Technique #1

This technique can only work for some dryers which is why I provided a second technique if this one doesn’t work for your dryer for some reason. This technique is to prevent your shoes from bagging around in the dryer when it is running.

Step One: Clean Your Shoes

If there is anything like mud or debre on your shoes make sure you wash them off with a warm washcloth since heat will make that harder to remove.

Step Two: Tie the Laces for Both Shoes Together

You want to have a knot don’t make it too tight you want to easily be able to undo the knot and not strangely crease the laces. You want the knot to be about 6 inches up from the shoe.

Step Three: Place Your Shoes is the Dryer With Your Laces Outside the Door

You want the shoes to be fully in the dryer with the knot in your laces hanging outside the door preventing them from falling into the dryer and being throw around. This means they will dry without you having to worry about damaging your dryer our your shoes.

Your shoes should be hanging in mid air not touching the dryer. This will prevent them from being thrown around. If your knot is too long then adjust your knot.

Step Four: Set Dryer to It’s Lowest Setting

You don’t want to air fry your shoes and make the fabric shrink or be damaged due to heat so it is important to set the dryer to it’s lowest setting.

Step Five: Ensure the Shoes Are Secured

The shoes should be hanging in the middle of the dryer. A gentle pull on the laces should let you know they are locked in place with the shoes hanging in the middle of the dryer.

Step Five: Let the Dryer Run

Personally I check every 5-10 minutes on the shoes to make sure they aren’t getting damaged. This is standard when using a dryer to dry shoes. You don’t want to accidnetly bake your own shoes.

Step Six: Remove & Look Good

Now you are ready to put those shoes back on and strut around looking your best again.

Technique #2

Step One: Remove the Laces

The first step is to remove the laces from your shoes. This will allow the heat of the dryer to circulate more evenly and prevent your laces from getting tangled. You can either take them off completely or just loosen them so that they’re not as tight.

Step Two: Clean the Shoes

The next step is to clean your shoes. If they’re just wet from the rain, you can skip this step. But if they’re dirty or muddy, you’ll want to clean them before putting them in the dryer. The easiest way to do this is to use a cloth or sponge and some soapy water. Just be sure to rinse the soap off completely before moving on to the next step.

Step Three: Set Dryer to It’s Lowest Setting

Now that your shoes are clean you are almost ready to put them in the dryer. But before you do, you’ll want to set the dryer to its lowest setting. This will prevent your shoes from getting too hot and damaging them.

Step Four: Put Shoes in the Dryer

Once the dryer is set to its lowest setting, you can now put your shoes in. If you have a larger dryer, you can put multiple shoes in at once. Just make sure they’re not touching each other so that they both have enough room to circulate.

Step Five: Let the Dryer Run

Let the dryer run, I personally check every 5-10 minutes to make sure they’re not getting too hot or damaged. I find that it usually takes about 30 minutes for your shoes to be completely dry. But regularly checking will avoid accidently cooking your shoes and causing unwanted creases. If they’re still wet, you can always add a few more minutes. Just be sure not to overdo it or you could damage.


Now you know two different techniques on how to dry your shoes in the dryer. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to choose the one that will work best for you. Technique #2 is a little easier because you don’t have to worry about tying knots, but it can be more difficult to make sure your shoes are secure. Technique #1 is a bit more complicated because you have to tie knots, but it is easier to ensure your shoes are hanging in the middle of the dryer without touching anything. Whichever technique you choose, just be sure to check in frequently so you don’t cook your shoes.


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